Team - Meet the RCM Family Lawyers in Calgary

The RCM Family Lawyers are your experts in divorce, custody, spousal and child support. We specializing in all areas of family law, and will help you through this difficult time.


Diana J. Richmond

Partner :: RCM Family Lawyers
Experienced mediator and litigator with over 15 years of experience
Fluent in French
403 930 3401


Alison J. Chickloski

Partner :: RCM Family Lawyers
Mediator, collaborative lawyer, and litigator with years of experience bringing peace of mind
403 930 3402


Sean Moldowan

Partner :: RCM Family Lawyers
An experienced mediator and civil litigator who loves to give back to the community
403 930 3403


Aaron M. Vanin

Partner :: RCM Family Lawyers
Strong litigation experience with a focus on client centered service
403 930 3407


Shayi Xu

Associate :: RCM Family Lawyers
Family law expert and mediator,
fluent in Mandarin
403 930 3404


Aimee Tannahill

Associate :: RCM Family Lawyers
A well travelled lawyer focused on family law
403 930 3405


Nick Van Duyvenbode

Associate :: RCM Family Lawyers
A divorce lawyer passionate and outcome driven about family law
403 930 3415


Laurie J. Tymchuk

Associate :: RCM Family Lawyers
A family law lawyer focused on practical, timely solutions
403 930 3409